Sometimes it has to be easy to cook – without compromising quality. Our wide selection of high-quality convenience products will be of assistance in the professional kitchen, as well for consumers in their busy workday.
Therefore, we offer a broad egg-based convenience assortment for both retail and food service that are all very tasty and easy to apply to the menu. 
If you want to know more about the products and/or have questions about them, you are welcome to contact your local sales office
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Our mayonaise are made with organic rapeseed oil and organic egg yolks.


                Aspic Jelly                                   

Aspic jelly can make any slice of bread a more tasty and exclusive experience. 

Boiled Eggs and Egg Custard

Boiled eggs and egg custard are easy, time-saving and convenient choice for the lunch table.

               Ready to use                                       

Get the ultimate convenience experience ewith DAVAs exciting product range of fresh and frozen egg products.