Egg yolks

Many things would never have existed without egg yolks - for example, chocolate mousse, mayonnaise, bearnaise sauce etc. At DAVA Foods we are therefore proud of our egg yolks adding to making every cuisine a little better. 
We offer a wide selection of pasteurized egg yolks. All our egg yolks are available in 230 g, 1 kg and 5 kg. It is up to you to decide if you want organic, barn or cage.

The process is important to get a good egg yolk product. The consistency of an egg yolk is influenced by the process flow and pasteurization. Every day at DAVA Foods, we strive to improve our products to match both the needs and requirements of our customers. On egg yolks, we perform viscosity tests to ensure that the thickness of the yolks is exactly right for making for e.g. mayonnaise.

If you want to know more about our egg yolks and/or have questions about them, you are welcome to contact your local sales office
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800118 - DAVA Organic Yolks 1 kg

DAVA Organic Yolks 1 kg

Item no. 800118

800137 - DAVA Barn Yolks 1 kg

DAVA Barn Yolks 1 kg

Item no. 800137

800142 - DAVA Organic Yolks 230 g

DAVA Organic Yolks 230 g​

Item no. 800142

800143 - DAVA barn egg yolks 230 g FROZEN

DAVA Barn Egg Yolks 230 g​ (frozen)

Item no. 800143

800192 - DAVA Barn Yolks SLEEVES

DAVA Barn Yolks - sleeves 160 g

Item no. 800192

800518 - DAVA Organic Yolks 5 kg

DAVA Organic Yolks 5 kg

Item no. 800518

800536 - DAVA Barn Yolks 5 kg

DAVA Barn Yolks 5 kg

Item no. 800536

800538 - DAVA Basic Yolks 5 kg

DAVA Basic Yolks 5 kg

Item no. 800538