Boiled Eggs and Egg Custard

All the best sandwiches started with boiled eggs in them - and now it has never been easier to use boiled eggs. 
Our boiled eggs are available in 2 and 4 kg and are made with either barn eggs or organic eggs.
Boiled eggs are an easy, time-saving and convenient choice for professional kitchens where many eggs are needed, as they are hard-boiled and placed in brine and are ready to use. Just rinse them and you are good to go. Boiled eggs can be used for a variety of food - from filling for the salad bar to rye bread topped with boiled eggs.
If you want to know more about our boiled eggs and/or have questions about them, you are welcome to contact your local sales office
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700292 - DAVA Barn Boiled eggs 2 kg

DAVA boiled barn eggs 2 kg

Item no. 700292


700394 - DAVA Boiled Organic eggs

DAVA boiled organic eggs 2 kg

Item no. 700394

700489 - DAVA Boiled Eggs (Barn)

DAVA boiled barn eggs 4 kg

Item no. 700489

9700180 - DAVA Organic Steamed Egg Custard 125 g

DAVA organic egg custard 125 g

Item no. 9700180

9700181 - DAVA Organic Steamed Egg Custard 500 g

DAVA organic egg custard 500 g

Item no. 9700181

9701204 - DAVA Boiled Eggs (Barn) in MAP

DAVA boiled barn eggs 3x10x3 in MAP 4.23 kg

Item no. 9701204