Pasteurised Basic Eggs

DAVA Foods have a broad branch of pasteurised basic eggs. Our products can be bought as egg yolks, egg whites, whole eggs or scrambled eggs. The products can be bought in both 1 and 5 kg depending on your wishes.
The pasteurised basic eggs are uniform in taste and in texture. Likewise the products have a high degree of functionallity.
If you want to know more about the products and/or have questions about them, you are welcome to contact your local sales office
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700505 - DAVA Frozen Whole Eggs No preservation 5 kg

DAVA Whole Eggs 5 kg, Frozen, EXP
No preservatives

Item no. 700505


700507 - DAVA Basic Whole Eggs 5 kg

DAVA Basic Whole Eggs 5 kg

Item no. 700507


700537 - DAVA Whole Eggs 5 kg (frozen)

DAVA Basic Whole Eggs 5 kg, frozen, EXP

Item no. 700537


800538 - DAVA Basic Yolks 5 kg

DAVA Basic Yolks 5 kg

Item no. 800538

900565 - DAVA Basic Egg Whites 5 kg

DAVA Basic Egg Whites 5 kg ​

Item no. 900565

Knowledge about pasteurised egg products


Did you know that whole eggs can function as binding agent when cooking and baking? When heated, whole eggs have the ability to bind the various ingreidents together. This is valuable when getting meatballs, falafels, pancakes and similar food to stick together. Also, whole eggs can be used to make omelets, pies, pastries and other similar food.


When egg whites are whipped, they gain air. It is particularly useful for preparing food such as gratin, mousse, meringue and swiss roll. The best results are achieved when the egg white is at room temperature.

When whipped to foam, the egg white can expand up to eight times its volume.


Did you know, that the egg yolks can be used as both a smoothing agent and a emulsifier? As smoothing agent, the egg yolk's ability to mix or smooth is useful when making e.g. ice cream, mousse, créme brûlée, custard and sauce. As emulsifier, the egg yolk's ability to emulsify is mainly used when making mayonnaise, bearnaise or hollandaise sauce.