DAVA Foods Denmark 

Innovation and promotion

DAVA Foods Denmark is the Danish market leader within fresh shell eggs. The company is known for its promotional methods and innovative products. Through innovative solutions we streamline, develop and lift the category thoughout the value chain. 

Farm to Table concept

Our business foundation is based on high food safety and quality. We are open and honest in our communication and our way of working. The Farm to Table quality system, based on the HACCP principles for food safety, is a cornerstone of our business and sets the standards for quality, food safety, production and animal welfare.
Quality is not only essential to our customers but also to the breeders, egg producers and the animals themselves. The Farm to Table concept is based on the HACCP principles which regulate food safety, from the harvesting to the consumption of the product. We developed this system in cooperation with the egg producers and strive for continuous evaluation and improvement. Through close dialogue and cooperation with our farmers and HEDEGAARD agro, who provide the feed for the entire value chain, we ensure quality throughout the value chain; in the hatchery, the rearing, the egg production, logistics, and the feed given to the pullet and chicken.

Animal welfare

Denmark is a pioneer in regards to organic egg production. We are still the only country with organic breeding and have special requirements for organic farmers. Every fourth egg we sell to the consumers through the retailers is organic.
We take this responsibility seriously and have decided to increase our efforts. In cooperation with the egg industry we have developed a screening tool, which enables us to create a realistic picture of the condition of the organic hens. Through on-site screening and concrete action plans in case of problems, the egg producers can positively influence the welfare of their flocks.
We are confident that the screening visits will make a difference for the organic egg production and that an active dialogue with the farmers will ensure animal welfare and a high egg quality. The new tools will also help to reduce the risk of future welfare problems.
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DAVA Foods Denmark A/S
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Ivan Noes
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Video about DAVA Foods Denmark A/S

DAVA Foods Denmark A/S is our headquarter in Hadsund. In cooperation with Food from Denmark, this video was made in the summer 2021 about us and our work in the egg category.
All video about hens and the attractive henyard has been lent to us by the Danish organic farmer Axel Månsson A/S. The respective is filmed by Danish photographer Rasmus Toustrup. The rights for this video belongs to DAVA Foods Denmark A/S and cannot be borrowed without our consent.