We're getting a new product brand design - "DAVA". The product brand will influence our look and communication  in the following years, which you'll experience in our packaging among other places. 

The new DAVA product brand will, among other, increase our degree of recognizability. We want to be your, consumers and the customers preferred brand for eggs and eggbased products. People need to know who we are and what we stand for when our eggs are being put in the basket. There can be no doubt that a DAVA egg is a good and safe egg. 

You'll see the new DAVA product brand applied to all our product in the retail- and foodservice. Along with our new pay-off "what's inside matters" the logo will make us visible as a company driven by our core values and as a food company commited to acting responsibly.

2/2 - DAVA brand logo

New product brand - why?

The brand change is a development in the previous name change from HEDEGAARD to DAVA, making the new brand logo a symbol of a complete visual transition. Our product name is no longer HEDEGAARD, it's DAVA. The new DAVA product brand will contribute to clearer communication across our business areas. The new brand identity is an expression of our devotion to our vision, mission and values

Our company is still DAVA Foods but the DAVA brand will be what you, consumers in retail and customers in foodservice recognize us by. We're looking forward to creating higher recognizability  and becoming more visible trough a strong and clear product brand

For DAVA Foods the development of the DAVA-brand means a new start where our company primarily acts as classic egg producer to becoming a food producer with branded products on the fast moving consumer goods market.  

CEO Ivan Noes




Building a new brand is not an easy process. As a company it takes strategic considerations, insights in consumer behavior and -categories while having a clear vision, mission and values. All this serve as the basis for building a brand. The process has been difficult, but also educational, and now we have created the foundation for an exciting future for the DAVA brand. 

CMO Sune Andersen

1/2 - Produktbilleder

How you'll see us in stores

Recognizing us should be no problem as we for now "only" replace the old logo with the new "DAVA" brand logo on all existing products. 

Moving forward a new design and packaging for all fresh eggs and eggbased products will be implemented. For now we believe it should be easy recognizing us when shopping by maintaing our existing packaging.

What's inside matters

Our slogan "what's inside matters" has a double meaning:

  1. The literal meaning: inside the shell we find the nutritious egg 
  2. The figurative meaning: Our values guides us as company and human in our actions


2/2 - DAVA brand logo