No Egg - a 100% plant-based alternative to eggs

Create magic and plant-based food in your kitchen with DAVA No Egg. It is a 100% plant-based egg alternative, which is made from chickpeas, and is great for cooking, baking and dessert. 

The product is a great solution for you who primarily eats a vegan diet, you who are allergic to eggs and for you who just wants to eat a bit more plant-based.

55 g of No Egg equals approx. one shell egg, and one bottle of 230 g No Egg replaces approx. four shell eggs.

Picture of No Egg

How to scramble no egg


No Egg is an egg replacer and can be used just like eggs, as it works as a binding agent when cooking and baking


No Egg is a 100% plant-based egg replacement product made from chickpeas


Use for cooking and food like scrambled 'no eggs', pies and quiche


Use for baking like bread and pastry, or use for your for desserts like chocolate pudding

Cook with No Egg

Lemon Moon Cake

For 8-10 persons

Scrambled No Egg

For 2 persons

Sweet Potato Pie with Palm Kale and Thyme

Gives 8-10 portions

Gives 12-16 portions


Gives 6-8 pancakes

Meat-free Spaghetti Carbonara

For 2 persons