No Chicken Fajita quesadillas

Servings: 4

Quesadillas—Mexican comfort food at its best. Quesadillas are a kind of tortilla sandwich, as they are layered with a filling of cheese and other delicious ingredients. In our quesadillas, the filling consists of our No Chicken Fajita, which is a plant-based meat substitute, as well as spring onions and salsa. Simple and tasty. This version of our quesadillas is vegetarian, as we have used regular cheese, but you can easily replace this with vegan cheese, if you prefer a 100% plant-based quesadilla 🌯🧀
Psst! If you prefer No Beef Taco, you can also make the dish with this product. We have tested this—and it works very well in a quesadilla. 
Recipe image


1 bag DAVA No Chicken Fajita
8 tortillas
Olive oil
200 g salsa
4 spring onions, minced
200 g regular or vegan cheese
2 tsp DAVA Umami Topping
Guacamole or salsa, optional


Prepare No Chicken according to the instructions on the packaging.
Heat up a pan that is large enough for the size of your tortillas. Brush the pan with a little olive oil, and place a tortilla on the pan.
Place a few tablespoons of salsa on the tortilla, and cover with No Chicken Fajita. Sprinkle with cheese, spring onions and Umami Topping.
Put a tortilla on top, and fry until crispy and golden on the underside, after which you place a plate over the pan and flip the quesadilla onto the plate.
Brush a bit of olive oil onto the pan, and fry the quesadilla on the other side until crispy and golden. Repeat this process with the other quesadillas. Keep the prepared quesadillas warm in the oven at 100 °C.
Cut your quesadillas into convenient pieces, and serve them hot with salsa and possibly guacamole as dip.
Quesadillas can also be eaten cold and brought along in your packed lunch.