The Danish egg production is a world leader when it comes to food safety, traceability and animal welfare. We believe this to be the reason why our eggs are much in demand in countries outside Denmark.

Our ‘DAVA – A safer choice’ eggs represent a unique selection of organic and free range eggs in a variety of sizes and package for export sale.

A safe egg for export
Our Danish DAVA eggs are unique, as in Denmark eggs are laid by hens that are tested free from salmonella infection. Whilst EU Standards require a test every 15 weeks, Danish Standards require a test to be performed every second week. DAVA Foods’ producers are subjected to salmonella testing and control every single week – guaranteeing our customers a safer choice.

We ensure complete traceability and transparency from farm to table. All eggs from DAVA Foods Denmark A/S are stamped with the following code: 0=Organic or 1=Free range eggs, DK=Denmark, 12345=Farm number.

Your guarantee for animal welfare
All our organic and free range eggs, eggs under the ‘DAVA – A safer choice’ label are guaranteed to be laid by hens that, throughout the year, will have access to attractive outdoor areas with a minimum of 70% vegetation. Here, they can move freely, pecking around in the outdoor area, flapping their wings.

We disallow beak trimming on all our farms, as animal welfare is of major importance to us.