An egg is not just an egg. It has many facets. All parts of the egg can be used differently. We know this. That is why we work with refinement of the egg, including the egg whites.

Egg whites are the primary raw material for our popular products in the whitePRO™ product series. 

whitePRO™ is unique, as it is taste neutral and pure egg whites which can be stored at room temperature. 

Regardless where you are in life, protein is important for your body's welfare, as it contributes to increase and maintain muscle mass.

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 Facts about whitePRO™ 

• Pure egg whites
• Contain all BCAA* (*Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine)
• Completely free from preservatives or additives
• Fat- and sugar-free
• Odourless and neutral taste
• Liquid consistency and does not coagulate
• The egg whites are heat-treated and can be stored at room temperature
• Shelf life after opening: 14 days at max. 4 °C
* whitePRO™ contains: 
Isoleucine: 547 mg/100 g
​Leucine: 778 mg/100 g
Valine: 677 mg/100 g

The WHITEPRO™ product series

whitePRO™ protein omelette kit
With herbs, item no. 950086

The omelette has a rich, herbal flavour from the various herbs included, among others red paprika, dried tomato flakes, chives and parsley.

whitePRO™ protein omelette kit
With bacon, item no. 950087

The omelette is the classic choice. The small, crisp pieces of bacon give the omelette the well-known taste of ‘egg and bacon’ and is to every meatlover's liking.

whitePRO™ protein pancake kit
With cocoa, item no. 950088

The pancake has a round and deep flavour of cocoa. It is perfectly sweet and can be used as a dessert for everyone. The nutritional content for one serving is just 179 kcal.

whitePRO™ protein omelette kit
With broccoli and spinach, item no. 950089

The omelette has a rich flavour of broccoli and spinach, and the almonds add a crunchy and delicious consistency. With its cool green colour, the omelette is a delight for the eye on any plate.

whitePRO™ protein drink kit
With cocoa, tem no. 950090

The drink has a round and deep flavour of cocoa. It is perfectly sweet and still contain a high level of protein, which makes the cocoa protein drink a good choice to consume before or after training.


whitePRO™ egg white 230 g
Barn eggs, item no. 950028

whitePRO™ is pure egg white without additives and preservatives - perfect to use in food, as the egg white is neutral in taste.

whitePRO™ egg white 500 g
Barn eggs, item no. 950102

whitePRO™ is pure egg white that is fat- and sugar-free and without preservatives and additives. 

whitePRO™ egg white 1 kg
Barn eggs, item no. 900205

whitePRO™ is pure and taste neutral egg white which is easy to use in e.g. smoothies and juice to get more protein.

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