Scrambled No Egg

For 2 persons

Scrambled No Egg is just like scrambled eggs - just in a plant-based version using No Egg instead of eggs 

One bottle of No Egg is approx. four eggs and can be used for breakfast or brunch.

REMEMBER! When scrambling No Egg it must be fried at high heat and constant stirring in about 4 minutes.

Recipe image


Rapeseed oil, for frying
230 g No Egg
Salt and pepper, e.g. Kala Namak


Heat up a pan to medium heat and add a little rapeseed oil.

Shake No Egg well before using. Open the bottle and add the content to the pan. Add salt and pepper.

Prepare No Egg under constant stirring in 6-8 minutes. It is natural that the mass can be a bit sticky in the beginning. It will be more solid the longer you fry it and divide into small pieces.

Serve your scrambled no egg. 

If you want a stronger egg taste, you can add kala namak as it is sulphurous salt. 

How to scramble no egg