Good Health and Well-being

Official UN goal: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

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Eggs are a nutritional wonder that contain all the nutrients the body needs: protein, minerals, fat and all vitamins except vitamin C. Therefore, eggs have high nutritional value for consumers – wherever they are in life.


  • Make healthy living easier for all consumer groups and increase the accessibility to eggs and egg products for all.
  • Launch new egg-based product(s) every year to contribute to a healthier lifestyle for consumers.
  • Share knowledge about eggs, involve and inspire the consumers to generally eat more eggs and inspire consumers how to replace meat with eggs, for an example, with a yearly magazine or other material and more content in social media, websites etc.


  • Launch new egg-based product(s) every year
  • Publish material every year educating about, among others, egg’s nutritional value
  • Develop meat-free recipe(s) with eggs every month for SoMe to inspire consumers