Taking care of

our environment

At DAVA Foods we are conscious of the impact we make on our environment. That is why our egg packaging is made from recycled paper and recyclable PET plastic. All pulp trays are biodegradable and labels are FSC marked.

Our Swedish and Finnish plants are certified to ISO 14001, and DAVA Foods in Denmark is working towards it. As an organisation, we are continuously working on minimising the environmental impact and CO2 emissions.

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Large-scale baking made easy


High-quality protein drink

Victory Nursery School

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Meet the children from Victory Nursery School. The DAVA Foods group is sponsoring a school project in Tanzania, Africa.

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Organic egg products


Makes eggs fun!

A strong organisation 

DAVA Foods is part of the Danish Agro group, which comprises a range of agro-industrial companies. 

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